Parquet Courts - by Ben Rayner

Parquet Courts just released the Tally All The Things That You Broke EP a few months ago, and I’m hoping they play it in full at the Great American on January 16. Mainly because I want to hear “He’s Seein’ Paths,” which features lead man Andrew Savage’s eight-minute meandering rap written from the point of view of a weed bicycle delivery guy in NYC.

I kinda doubt they’re gonna play it, but you never know. Want to go and find out for yourself?

Email your full name as well as your favorite snack to eat when you’re stoned and starving to to win tickets to the show. I’ll pick TWO lucky winners who will get a pair of tickets each and notify them by email this Monday.

Lo-fi beats aren’t the only sound Parquet Courts brings to the Tally EP that will be new to you if you’re a fan of the band’s debut LP Light Up Gold. There’s also some extended jammage that verges on psych rock, which should fit in well when they roll through town, since they’re playing with White Fence.

Here’s the video for Tally‘s “You Got Me Wonderin’ Now,” in which Savage declares toothache to be better than heartache:

White Fence, Parquet Courts, CCR Headcleaner
Great American Music Hall
January 16, 2014