John Thill

Last month, Napa’s John Thill released Ghost Grove, his second album of new material in 2013. He sets the scene of the album with the line “My girfriend’s on acid in the parking lot of the Magic Kingdom, I’m alone with my thoughts” and had me entranced the rest of the way. While most of the music is Thill’s voice and him beaing the shit out of his guitar, he adds a few extra elements such as extra fuzz and feedback on “Parking Lot” and a keyboard on “July 4, Riverside” with great success. The album is available on cassette from Unread Records, and you can listen to it below.

Thill also released a duet with his wife Jamie for a Kerchow! Records Christmas compilation at the end of December. Even though the holiday season is behind us, John and Jamie Thill’s “Christmas Count” is just too lovely a song to ignore because of the date on the calendar. Listen to it below, and look for a full album of their duets in 2014.