beating the drum of the deathlessthe mysticist

Our Mike G. doesn’t just write about and play music, he’s also a fiction writer who recently completed a novel called The Mysticist. Described as “a cyberpunk coming of age tale–what might have happened if Philip K. Dick wrote On The Road and set it in the year 2054,” the book comes out on FreemadeSF in March. Mike recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project, and even though he’s met his goal, there are still plenty of great perks to be claimed with your support.

Just as interesting as the book, though, is the album Mike recorded to accompany it. As he explains on Kickstarter:

In the book, Niirs and one of the Companions, Mat, spend a night working on an album they call Beating the Drum of the Deathless. So I wrote and recorded 15 original songs, and am incorporating them into the novel as the album the characters were working on. Each chapter will share a title with one of the songs, and that song will be used to help set the scene via its incorporation into the ebook.

You can listen to demos of a few of the album’s songs above. Below, check out Mike’s Kickstarter video for more information on the project!