Spooky Flowers - Heavy Glow

Oakland/Berkeley surf punk pop band Spooky Flowers dropped their first full length album Heavy Glow back on December 24. The LP was recorded at Shipwreck Studios in Oakland and mastered in the Windy City early last month. The band, which, with the exception of lead guitarist Dylan Westhoff, grew up in the Bay Area (including vocalist, guitarist, and pianist Grey Dixon, drummer Keith Dixon, and bassist Mike Noda), crafted a record full of catchy pop tracks that will surely keep a live audience moving (or, at least, bobbing their heads to the beat).

Spooky Fingers celebrates the release of Heavy Glow tomorrow night at the Starry Plough in Berkeley with James Durkee of Steinway Junkies and some yet-unnamed special guests. Below, stream or download (for FREE!) the entirety of the new album (via Bandcamp), and get full details on Friday’s show.

Spooky Flowers, James Durkee, special guests
Starry Plough
January 3, 2014
9pm, $5 (21+)