pookie and the poodlez

It must have been about a year ago that I was eating a bowl of pasta at a friend’s place in Oakland, and my friend says that his roommate made me a present. That sounds kinda weird man. But what was even weirder, was that this kid who I didn’t know, glued a handwritten note and a cassette tape addressed to me to the door of his room. The room belonged to Trevor Straub of Pookie and the Poodlez. Trevor wasn’t home that evening, and it would still be a couple months before I’d meet this guy or see his band.

At the time, my tape player was broken and actually it still is, but Pookie and the Poodlez became my favorite band of 2013 anyway. Since the tape incident I’ve seen these guys play a few times. They have a really fun live show that was perfect for a birthday party concert at Eli’s complete with balloons, cake and custom coozies. I also witnessed a fantastic Halloween cover gig they did as the Germs. Holy holy holy, it was so rad! I was never a million percent in love with the Germs, but hell, after the Poodlez tore the Stork Club upside down inciting a crowd frenzy, I fell in love with the Germs again…and the Poodlez!

Pookie and the Poodlez’ music is dirty and poppy. Not too poppy or else you’d hate it, and not too dirty or else it would just suck. It’s kind’ve like eating good food with your hands and getting the juices all over the place. Meanwhile, your girlfriend gets completely disgusted but you don’t mind gettin’ dirty ’cause that food tastes soo goddamn good!

Look out for some good time dirty Poodlez releases on Rubber Vomit Records and Burger too.

Marc Ribak is the founder of Total Trash Productions and frontman for the band Rock n Roll Adventure Kids.