Yassou Benedict - Photo by Nick Santoro

When I was invited to write about my fav band of 2013, my mind started doing back flips in alternating directions…yes, confusing I know…my point exactly. This year has been beyond jam-packed with talent with badass talent flooding the Bay in genres across the board. I have found musicians and bands this year that stirred genuine excitement in my soul that I hadn’t felt since my first portable CD player had Michael Jackson’s Thriller on repeat for days on end. Seriously. So I sat on this idea for a full week weighing my options, and at long last I have decided on MY best of 2013. I invite you to enjoy the oh-so-dazzling Yassou Benedict, one of the most creative and adept bands that I have had the pleasure of working with throughout years of booking and promotions. An indie rock band originally hailing from New York, and now calling the Bay Area home, expect chills as their leading lady entrances you with both her powerful gaze and wistful vocals overtop ethereal melodies, driving percussion, and the perfect amount of pop infusion per their dreamy keyboards and guitar riffs. Not only is their most recent album In Fits In Dreams incomparable in terms of offering clean and sleek production, but their live show will make you weak in the knees from their sheer auditory AND visual aesthetic. Without a doubt, this band has the sound, the look, and the determination to make it to the big time, so do yourself a favor and follow them online for opportunities to enjoy them at local and intimate shows. Take these words of advice music lovers, because before you know it, they will get swooped by some big label, and you will find yourself in a sea of nameless faces just waiting for a peek at the stellar Yassou Benedict playing their hearts out on that faraway stage.

Sarah Sexton is the owner and creative coordinator for Oaktown Indie Mayhem Productions, based out of Oakland, California.