Van Wave - Photo by Tatum Mangus

If you haven’t heard of Van Wave and are on the corner of Freak St. and FOMO Ave. about it – FEAR NOT YOUNG CHICKADEE – not many people have, ooooh but they will. Van Wave feels like that moment between deep sleep and wakefulness – when you are most susceptible to your condition, powerless to the reality but completely aware of the situation. They sound like this feeling, like floating in a dream state, gently entering your patterns and movements again. The harmonies of the guitar players and bass player intertwine perfectly – a flawless execution of vocal control and songwriting technique. Nothing is too much and nor is their minimal style too little. This is vocal-pop a la 1960s Spector but with space to breathe and a lot less murdery. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live twice and both times left feeling elated. This is the new chill wave – minus the wave and with extra chill. Seek them out.