Warm Soda

When The Bay Bridged asked me if I’d like to write about a local band, I immediately thought of Warm Soda. I first saw them play at Bottom of the Hill a few years ago (maybe 2011 or 2012?) and it was funny because as I was watching them, I realized that I knew the guitarist, Rob Good. We grew up in neighboring towns and our bands used to play shows together all the time. I had no idea he was in the band until I was standing there watching them…and of course, they were awesome!

Fast forward a few years to November of 2013. Sonny Smith (from the Polyvinyl band Sonny & The Sunsets) had the idea to curate a compilation of West Coast garage rock bands that he thought more people should hear. We loved the idea so we started working on getting it together (Various Artists – I Need You Bad). The first track ended up being Warm Soda’s “Tell Me in a Whisper”, one of the catchiest songs I’ve ever heard. Seriously, check it out here:

Warm Soda write some of the mightiest power pop songs EVER and you can tell they’re all having a blast doing it. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to see them again, this time at The Chapel, where they had their own photo booth spitting out free prints for everyone. I guess one of the guys works for the photo booth company so they brought it along to the show. What other band does that? No one!

You know that movie Detroit Rock City, where the dudes try their hardest to see Kiss live? Warm Soda reminds me of all the RAD parts of that movie…just without Gene Simmons.

Andy De Santis is the Promotions Manager at Polyvinyl Record Co. Follow Polyvinyl on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.