Down and Outlaws

Operating out of a warehouse in LA’s Meatpacking District, Blind Blind Tiger is a new online platform that holds month-long residencies for bands. Confused? I was too, but keep reading. Every month, BBT invites a few bands to its secret speakeasy location where they trade drinks for some exclusive recorded material. They slowly release the material over the course of the month, dropping a video or podcast through their website every Tuesday, to provide fans with up-close and personal speakeasy performances from the comfort of their computers.

“It’s simple really,” BBT explains on their website, “We like bands and we like booze, so we established our own Blind Tiger (another term for a speakeasy — shhhhhh) in the heart of LA’s meat packing district. Because we may or may not know what we are doing, we named our speakeasy the ‘Blind Blind Tiger.'”

While they’ve hosted several Southern California-based projects, like Great White Buffalo, Victory, Western Scene and Rainbow Jackson, since launching in October, BBT is featuring Down and Outlawstheir first visitors from San Francisco–for the December residency.

So far, they’ve released a podcast and three live videos of never-before recorded material from the Outlaws, and this month isn’t over yet! If you dig guitar-heavy rock and roll you can dance too, be sure to drop by Blind Blind Tiger’s official website on Tuesday to see what new material they have in store, and check out Down and Outlaws at one of their final shows of the year (listed below). In the meantime, find out what kind of trouble you’re in for with this live recording of “Don’t Call My Name.”

Beware of Darkness, Happy Fangs, Down and Outlaws
Cafe Du Nord
December 21, 2013
9pm, $10 (21+)

Down and Outlaws, Down Dirty Shake, Psychic Jiu-Jitsu
Brick & Mortar
December 27, 2013
9pm, $5-7 (18+)