Thee Oh Sees at Phono Del Sol 2013 - photo by Paige K. Parsons

I’d heard that John Dwyer was relocating to LA, but hadn’t even considered that this might lead Thee Oh Sees to go on an indefinite hiatus. The SF Weekly’s Ian Port broke the bad news yesterday, that with Dwyer moving and Brigid Dawson heading to Santa Cruz, the band is planning to take an unknown amount of time off.

On one hand, such a break is understandable and more than well earned. Few bands have burned as brightly as this quartet, who relentlessly toured the planet and released a slew of great records in recent years. But it’s undeniably a real loss for music fans here and around the globe, with the extra bummer note that John Dwyer, a real leader — and supporter — of the Bay Area scene (as well as a hell of a nice guy) is leaving town.

No two Oh Sees shows ever felt the same, and the band was the single most reliably excellent live act here or anywhere. The group’s set at Phono del Sol this year was one that we’ll never forget, a highlight for a band where every show felt like a highlight. Here’s a clip from that set in memory of this great band.

Thee Oh Sees live from The Bay Bridged on Vimeo.