Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas

Mixtape and accompanying text by Russell Jelinek

Download: Mixtape: 12 Original Holiday Songs from Local Artists (Podcast #323)

Last week, Slate lamented the lack of modern Christmas classics available, claiming Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” While mainstream music may lack holiday classics, our local indie scene is always cranking out a wide variety of Christmas hits every year.

In this mixtape, we have twelve ALL ORIGINAL holiday hits from local acts, ranging from the tender perfection of Ash Reiter‘s “Christmas in California” to Jingle Boyz (aka Adam Healton) laying down some, uh, irreverent rhymes on “Do they know its xmas in Chiraq.” A few brand new songs are included, such as DSTVV colliding the worlds of Mannheim Steamroller and Ministry on “Christmas in Art School” and Darth Vanderslice (members of Magic Fight) informing us why “Christmas Sucks in San Francisco.” Warm Soda and The She’s released their contributions as part of a recent Converse Rubber Tracks compilation, and Blank Tapes’ track is also brand new. Old or new, it’s all fun and goes great with egg nog.

Track Listing

Ash Reiter – “Christmas In California”
DSTVV – “Christmas In Art School”
The She’s – “December Tide”
Grillade – “Just A Sad Christmas”
Warm Soda – “Without You By My Side”
Cocktails – “The Most Wonderful Time (For a Beer)”
Darth Vanderslice – “Christmas Sucks In San Francisco”
Blank Tapes – “No Gifts This Xmas”
Jingle Boyz – “Do they know its xmas in Chiraq”
Trainwreck Riders – “Christmas Time Blues”
Kathryn Anne Davis – “California Snow”
Meanest Man Contest – “Don’t Die On Christmas”