Dominique Leone

San Francisco’s Dominique Leone spent much of 2013 making your simple album or EP release seem passe. Leone released a song every day since January 1 on his Bandcamp page, and he plans to continue through the rest of the year for 365 singles released in a year. “When I started it, I only thought of it as my big project for 2013,” Leone casually explains. “I’ve written so much music this year, I’m really just happy when things connect with people.” He also says he’s not quite sure how he’ll end it, but I’m guessing it won’t suck. With 300+ tracks already released, you’d expect some downright awful music, or at least filler. Based on what I’ve heard, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Leone’s project. Leone says choosing his favorite tracks of the series is a daunting task even for him, but says the songs below meant more to him than some of the others. Look for the last few tracks of the year to be released soon on Bandcamp, or catch Dominique perform some of them live in March 2014.