Casey Chisholm

The Bay Bridged is stoked to premiere the video for “Wondering” from Oakland one-man-band Casey Chisholm. The song is featured on his new split EP with Tabor Mountain, entitled Spill Your Guts, out now on Chisholm’s own Ascension Recordings. “Wondering” showcases Chisholm’s copious talents well, as he creates a gorgeous, minimalistic indie pop tune by looping various synth, drum, and vocal lines on top of each other—all played by Chisholm, a feat he performs live as well as on recording—until it all crescendoes and fades back into oblivion.

Check out the full Spill Your Guts EP below. The album features two tracks by Chisholm, one track by Tabor Mountain, and another track by each group with the other group guesting.

If you can’t believe one man can make all this noise by himself, why not stop Casey Chisholm’s next show and see it for yourself? He’s playing Bottom of the Hill on January 14.

PSSNGRS, Face Tat, Casey Chisholm
Bottom of the Hill
January 14, 2014
9pm, $8 (21+)