Kelly McFarling

San Francisco’s Kelly McFarling just released an EP of covers, Others, featuring reworks of Whitney Houston, Tom Petty, and others. Covers can be tricky – too often the singer can over-sing in an effort to make the new version seem more like their own, or things can sometimes just get too cute. That’s not the case with McFarling on Others. She took familiar pop songs and crafted interesting new arrangements around her banjo and a pedal steel (an instrument I am particularly fond of), with her strong voice front and center. I’m partial to McFarling’s take on The Outfield’s “Your Love”, but all six tracks are worth your time. Listen to Others below, and catch McFarling live at the Awaken Cafe January 10.

Kelly McFarling, Eight Belles, Laura Benitez & the Heartache
Awaken Cafe
January 10, 2014
8pm, $10