Photo: Matthew Scott

Patrick Clos, the primary songwriter for Cocktails, brings a blue-collar Midwestern sentimentality to much of his work, and God bless him for it. Whether he’s singing about going to the lake on “Ozark Lake” or disillusionment with California’s grandeur in “No Blondes in California”, he makes you feel a simple workin’ man in the funnest way possible. Cocktails’ latest track, “Friday”, continues their trend of making catchy garage pop for the working man, giving us the perfect soundtrack for downing an ice-cold Milwaukee’s Best after a long day of hard labor. Recorded at Rob Good’s Fuzz City Studios, the drums sound characteristically perfect and everything else is perfectly fuzzy. “Friday” is the A-side of a vinyl single you can purchase from Grazer Records or at the Father/Daughter Showcase on December 12 that we told you about yesterday. “Friday” is below.