Cool Ghouls, Photo: Neil Phillip Soiland

Photo: Neil Phillip Soiland

From house parties to local venues, San Francisco’s Cool Ghouls have done their fair share of performance around the city. In their newest music video “Grace,” the band has opted for the San Francisco seaside.

The video begins with a brief interview with the band, in which they reminisce about the origins of “Grace” – which, apparently, has to do with a girl wanting to touch singer Pat McDonald’s mutton chops.

“Grace” carries a 60s soul and psychedelia feeling that has had a rendezvous with some country twang. The video includes three guest trumpet and saxophone players that come together wonderfully to reproduce the originality of the track.

Cool Ghouls self-titled LP is available now at Empty Cellar Records. The band’s next show is at Brick and Mortar on December 13, with Santoros, The Spyrals, Unstrung, and DJ Al Lover.

Cool Ghouls – “Grace” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Cool Ghouls, Santoros, The Spyrals, Unstrung, DJ Al Lover
Brick & Mortar
December 13, 2013
9:00pm, $7