Painted Palms

Just a few weeks ago, San Francisco group Painted Palms released their newest single “Forever” off of their forthcoming full-length album of the same name. The new song comes just after the first single off the album, “Spinning Signs”.

The new track brings together heavy reverb, falsetto vocals, and simple-yet-fun rhythm and melody to form a song that is eclectic and mesmerizing. A loud synthesizer and guitar combo that open the song help to bring it up to vivid proportions – thrusting you into a tale of self-analysis and self-realization. The chorus captures a Beatles sound that is enchanting enough to include a vignette of psychedelic scenery, while still keeping the sound modern. “Forever” creates a bridge between psychedelic and pop music that is catchy, dreamy and still a bit heavy.

Those aching for more from Painted Palms need not worry: the LP is set to release on Polyvinyl Records on January 14, and pre-orders are now available.