french cassettes

Director Dalan McNabola met SF’s French Cassettes during this year’s Music Video Race, and the band and director reunited for this colorful clip for “Boys,” off the Cassettes’ recent album Gold Youth. According to the group:

We’re always on board to use an excessive amount of color in anything we do so the idea for the video came together pretty quickly, based on that concept. Our friend had just gotten back from a trip to India and she had some left over Holi powder that everyone throws at each other during this annual Festival of Color. So we used that and some other colors from the store to throw on each other and our friends that agreed to join us. Their only instruction was to wear white…and to not be too attached to the clothes they wore.

We’re psyched for French Cassettes to take the stage at our rock and roll beer festival, The Bay Brewed, on December 7 at Public Works. After you buy your tickets, read our Q&A with the band too.