Emily Jane White

Almost three full years after her last album was released in Europe (it was released in the states over a year later), Gothic songstress Emily Jane White has returned to deliver her fourth full length, Blood Lines. It’s not just an awaited release, it’s a nearby departure from her previous sound to something slightly more elaborate.

“This record is heavier than my other records,” she says. “It’s a little more stylized, in a way. I chose to use a lot of delay and reverb and that was all intentional. I wanted it to have a little bit more of a punch. My last two records are very more subdued and kind of quiet, and that’s fine. But I felt like I could do something that was a little more overstated and less subtle.”

To contribute to her vision of a more dynamic sound, White brought in additional instrumentation on Blood Lines that were not featured on her previous records. “I always did what I wanted to do with this record, but I definitely bounced ideas off of people, and that was really helpful,” she says.

Her European tour starts in March 2014, with dates in Brussels and Toulouse already confirmed. Though the schedule isn’t yet set in stone, White does mention that she has an artist planning a newly designed stage performance. “My intention is to have a little bit more of a choreographed light design and stage design, with costumes and stuff like that.”

She hopes to bring this element back to her tour in the States later next year. Expect something more electronic and rock-rooted. Though we can still hear her folk sound loud and clear in most songs, including a cameo from Marissa Nadler on the album’s first single, “Faster Than The Devil.”

When asked what she’s been listening to lately, she hesitates to pick just one. “I was listening to Fever Ray in my car today. I also really like that artist Group Rhoda. She’s local and she’s awesome.”