Pat Thomas

Last week, Pat Thomas, bassist, singer, and songwriter for Cool Ghouls premiered “Not Right Now”, the first single from his debut solo EP Coasters Riding in the Air. Pat tells me Cool Ghouls will continue to be his main focus, but he simply had a lot of songs written immediately after the Ghouls’ debut LP was released and didn’t want to disrupt their energy and practice time with his new songs. “So the quickest way for me to make these songs real was to lay em down on my 8 track on my own time. I was unemployed, so I had plenty of that,” says Thomas.

Coasters Riding in the Air will be available as a digital download from Empty Cellar and on cassette from Burger. To celebrate the release, Thomas will play a free show at Vacation on November 26 with Joseph Childress, who will also be celebrating the release of his Rebirths LP. Pat isn’t planning to play more solo shows and Childress puts on amazing live performances, so don’t make the mistake of missing this one if you’re in town. Listen to the smile-inducing “Not Right Now” below.

Pat Thomas, Joseph Childress
November 26, 2013
10pm, FREE