Triple Voodoo Witopia

The Bay Brewed, San Francisco’s only indie rock beer festival, returns on December 7 at Public Works for a third year of great music and beer! Below, check out Part 2 of our two brewery previews, collecting seven of the thirteen fantastic local breweries curated by the SF Brewers Guild. Check out Part 1 of our brewery preview and get your tickets to The Bay Brewed right now!

  • Anchor Brewing: One of the oldest breweries in the US — starting in 1896! — Anchor really needs no introduction; for many non-locals, Anchor Steam is the first (or only) point of reference into San Francisco beer. History and legacy are nice, but the brewery’s continued commitment to excellent beer is what keeps it a favorite. Recent offerings like the California Lager, made from a recipe inspired by California’s first lager, and the Big Leaf Maple are just as compelling as the Porter, Liberty, and Steam beers that continue to be favorites today.
  • 21st Amendment Brewery: Is there any emotional upswing as sharp as realizing that the cans of beer someone brought are 21st Amendment cans? Both a popular brewpub and a purveyor of some fine canned beers, 21st Amendment’s breadth extends from the crisp, refreshing, low-alcohol-content Bitter American to the this-means-business spiced ale Fireside Chat. You won’t be drinking out of cans at The Bay Brewed, but you will get a chance to check out some 21st Amendment.
  • Cerveceria de MateVeza: The folks at MateVeza employ unique ingredients in the creation of their organic beers. “Oh, really,” your skeptical mind might be thinking. “How unique?” How about using the South American herbal tea yerba mate in IPAs, ales and farmhouse-styled saisons, among others? How about the crazy/inspired project to brew a series of beers inspired by the flavors of Girl Scout cookies? The mind boggles at what the MateVeza folks will have brewed up for The Bay Brewed.
  • Pizza Orgasmica & Brewery: As the name might suggest, Pizza Orgasmica started out pizza-first, opening two successful pizzerias before expanding into the world of making beer. Those two have now expanded to five restaurants in the City and San Rafael, along with a slate of hefeweizens, pale ales and ales perfect for pairing with a tasty pie, or any time you might fancy a delicious, naturally aphrodisiac beer.
  • Speakeasy Ales & Lagers: The Speakeasy folks’ URL always felt like an undersell to me. More like! Best known for their Prohibition Ale and Big Daddy IPA, Speakeasy continues to displayed an impressive versatility, with winning takes on porters, ryes and imperial stouts, to name a few. Most recently, the Brewery announced a coffee porter made in collaboration with Ritual Coffee. YES, PLEASE.
  • Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery: According to the folks at Magnolia, they’ve served almost three million pints of beer in the fifteen or so years that they’ve been brewing underneath their restaurant in the Haight. High time, if you ask me, for an expansion. Magnolia Dogpatch is on the way, promising more of the great beer patrons already love alongside BBQ from from Namu Gaji’s Dennis Lee. Magnolia’s been killing the food-and-beer game for a while now, so this new venture holds much promise.
  • Triple Voodoo Brewing: Triple Voodoo has built quite a name for itself in the past few years, with flavorful Belgian-inspired brews that were a delight at last year’s Bay Brewed and in distinctively-labeled bottles in your better local grocers. But the brewery hasn’t had its own dedicated space, something that’s now in the process of changing. Construction began last month on a 2,800-square-foot brewery and taproom in the Dogpatch, which is great news for beer fans.