FRONDS is the dream-pop project of Dylan Tidyman-Jones, the former guitarist to the now departed The Mallard.

With a debut album out now on Do Not Disturb Records, FRONDS is the collaboration between Jones and producer Robert Jackson over at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland.

A swirl of finger picking guitars, harmonic vocals, and electro-acoustic drums and bass – FRONDS feels like  a melancholic, faraway dream. As fluid as the sound of the project itself, FRONDS have released a music video to accompany their first single, “Crush”.

Filmed in Berlin with producers Matt Lambert and Jannis Birsner, the video is a gazy, voyeuristic shot of a couple sharing a very personal and intimate moment. The tension of the video builds along with the music until it ultimately finishes with a moment of extreme passion. It’s an experimental music video that feels like an evocative and modern take on works such as Andy Warhol’s “Kiss”.

FRONDS’ self-titled LP is available now at Do Not Disturb Records in black and colored vinyl. The band’s next show is at The Chapel on November 29, with Little Wings, Chris Cohen, and The Memories.