The Tambo Rays

The Tambo Rays‘ nonstop eccentric carnival rolls on with their video for “Rest Your Mind In The Sky”, a track we premiered back in July. According to Sara DaMert, she and her brother Brian wanted to take their audience on “another journey though their collective imagination,” filming this attempt to summon extraterrestrial life forms entirely on their iPhones with a taped-on fisheye lens and using handmade prisms invented by their father in an Oakland warehouse in 1972. The prisms aren’t the only DaMert family creation that makes an appearance in the video. “Alien Autopsy”, the board game being played by the band, was invented by Brian and Sara’s parents, who owned a psychedelic space and nature themed game and toy company back in the ’90s.

Don’t worry about the safety of any little green men – Sara Sonic assures us that no aliens were harmed in the making of the video for “Rest Your Mind In The Sky”. Watch it below, exclusively here on The Bay Bridged.