San Francisco’s Scraper have released their first full-length album out on Cut-Rate records. Limited to a run of 500 copies, the album is a gritty, unpolished hiss of rock n’ roll.

Earlier this summer, Scraper released a 7-inch on Drag City‘s weird little brother label, God? Records. To finally see a full-length album is incredibly exciting to say the least; Scraper’s album embodies that deeply satisfying violence that makes punk music so perfect.

With songs about getting drunk, starting fights, and a brilliant cover of The Dicks’ “Kill From the Heart”—the album is classic, straightforward punk rock music. It’s a misanthropic collection of songs, riddled with that abrasive minimalism that was first preceded with groups like the Urinals and S.O.A.

So grab all your best buddies, turn on Scraper’s self-titled LP, and treat yourself to an album that is ready shake you up. The album includes lyric to the songs, as well as tattoo ideas.