British songstress Anna Calvi is bringing her haunting vocals to The Independent this Sunday, November 17. Calvi’s second album, One Breath, is quickly blossoming into one of the albums of the year across the pond. In 2011, her self-titled debut introduced her talents to the world and received the golden seal of approval from none other than Brian Eno. Big supporters aside, One Breath is well-crafted and thought-out. Here, Calvi is comfortable enough to expose her scars, and she exposes it all on this album–the personal and the vulnerable.

Calvi’s shining jewel is her control of her natural voice.  Her creative vocal manipulation is truly spellbinding. It’s shocking that her voice was never classically trained. Struggling to find her niche in her mid-twenties, Calvi locked herself in her bedroom to sing along to the likes of Nina Simone and Edith Piaf and was gifted by the vocal gods. Though she may look the part of dark, stormy, gothic symbolism (holy smoky eye and bold red lip!), she’s much more than that. One Breath switches things up from echoing lovelorn ballads with tracks like “Love of my Life,” a punchy song with a powerful message to boot.

A personal favorite is single “Eliza,” which hums with a driving beat. The song is a fast-moving train conducted by her powerhouse voice. Seriously. That voice is one you won’t soon forget or confuse with another’s. Check out Calvi’s killer performance of the track on Jools Holland for a taste of what this siren will be bringing to The Independent on Sunday night.

Anna Calvi, Sandy’s
The Independent
November 17, 2013
8pm, $20