This is Thunder

Jen Schande was a resident of our fair city for most of the past decade, during which time she and her band Schande were one of the most reliable indie punk outfits around. Alas, Schande left SF for the land of tea and crumpets last year, putting her on indefinite hiatus.

But before she left for London, Schande completed the debut EP from This is Thunder, a project she’d been working on since 2011 with her pal Nopse at San Francisco studio Ruminator Audio. They released the four-song EP on gorgeous white 10-inch vinyl earlier this year, and while it’s slower and moodier than most of the material Schande put out with her other band, it’s still shot through with her trademark ’90s indie sound. Standout cut “Shoot the moon”, for instance, is like The Breeders jamming with Sonic Youth over a drum machine.

You can stream This is Thunder’s self-titled debut EP right here:

If you’re digging that, check out the first collab between Jen Schande and Nopse, a remix of the Schande (the band) track “Penultimate Panache”: