Creepers EP

Jason: We keyed you into Creepers‘ new EP back in October, but the band is now streaming it in its entirety over on the metal blog on Invisible Oranges. Including members of Deafheaven and White Cloud, Creepers have crafted some epic prog-metal psychedelia. Stream the first two tracks off the EP (“Forked Tongue” and “Drug Vision”) below and hear all four tracks on Invisible Oranges (via the folks at Brooklyn Vegan).

Nicole: This week, I’m living vicariously through European festivals like Pitchfork Paris Icelandic Airwaves, both of which are on my bucket list. Of the imaginary Reykjavik that I’ve come up with, this Julianna Barwick video paints the perfect visual (shot by New York City based director Derrick Belcham for La Blogotheque). This video is all the more appropriate due to the fact that Julianna Barwick is offering candy to children celebrating öskudagur (Icelandic Halloween) in exchange for their vocal performances into her reverberated microphone. Barwick, whose latest Nepenthe represents yet another strong ambient collection of work, is currently touring Europe but is not slated to play this year’s festival in Reykjavik. Watch the video below, and follow Icelandic Airwaves as it carries through the end of the week.

Ben: I’m not a Halloween guy, but I really dig the moody, synth-laden horror film music composed by the Italian band Goblin, as well as John Carpenter’s classic minimalist film scores. And while they rarely touch the originals, I also have a soft spot for recent torchbearers like Umberto, and Johnny Jewel’s wonderful (and totally underappreciated) Symmetry. Along similar lines comes the latest from The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, a recent find via Aquarius Records‘ newsletter. With their trademark eloquence, Aquarius describes Crimson Throne as “Rad synthscapery of every stripe, total retro, creep out, imaginary soundtrack, kosmische, new age, space drift bliss, peppered with blasts of disco-y grooviness, woozy psychedelic synth drift, and haunting woozy vocodered minimal wave.” It’s music perfect for this time of year, or, if you are similarly inclined, any other time too.