Cold Beat

There’s something deeply satisfying about listening to Cold Beat – the solo work from Grass Widow’s bassist and co-songwriter Hannah Lew.

A whirlwind of weird synthesizers, electronic remixes, and heavy post-punk bass lines – Cold Beat’s Worms/Year 5772 is a dark and intriguing EP. Composed shortly after the passing of Lew’s father in 2009, the lyrical content focuses on questions of death and science fiction.

Despite the grim content, Lew manages to harbor some great pop elements that exemplify her captivating and harmonic vocals. Along with presenting a fresh and deeply personal piece of work, Lew has managed to showcase some of the Bay Area’s finest local talent  – including Grass Widow’s Lillian Maring, Shannon and the Clams’ Cody Blanchard and a remix b-side by local SF synth garage band POW!.

The live group will be comprised of Greer McGettick of the recently (and sadly) discontinued The Mallard, Errase Errata‘s Bianca Sparta, and Kyle King.

Cold Beat celebrates their record release at the Night Light on November 5.

Cold Beat, Screature, Pure Bliss
The Night Light
November 5, 2013
9pm, $6 (21+)