Pruno Truman

Back in August, Heidi Alexander of The Sandwitches and Fresh & Onlys offered the perfect soundtrack to a waning summer with the release of “I Want More of You”. Premiered on Impose Magazine under the guise of her solo moniker Pruno Truman, the song is the stand-out track of her Amigos cassette, which was released on Empty Cellar Records in tandem with her Southpaw Records release, the Drunk With Friends cassette.

Sit back and really dig into this one — “I Want More of You” floats like a dream as Alexander’s sleepy vocals pour over soft strings, stirring familiar feelings of longing and hushed desire. It is, quite honestly, the prettiest thing I’ve heard in a while, a piece of warmth that resonates long after it’s over. Press play and keep an eye on this songwriter.