Never Knows

Mysterious San Francisco electronic artist Never Knows is releasing a new 7-inch record in November via local label Sleep Genius. The new song, called “Still Life”, reveals a darker edge than the artist’s previous dancefloor offerings. The single is accompanied by a brand new music video, which you can view below.

The video was created live in the studio by video artist Andy Puls. The kaleidoscopic black-and-white visuals dance around the screen as Never Knows mouths the lyrics to the darkwave leaning single. The limited edition pressing of 250 single-sided 7-inch white vinyl records with black silkscreen will be available from Sleep Genius by November 26. Never Knows will follow up with a full-length album in March, and will perform at The Knockout on November 21 with San Francisco producer Bézier (Dark Entries) and Portland’s Exotic Club.

Never Knows, Bézier, Exotic Club, DJs Nihar B. & Mashi Mashi
The Knockout
November 21, 2013
9:30pm, $6 (21+)