The New Trust

Santa Rosa’s The New Trust make what they call “love songs”—but on first listen, you might not get that impression. The band makes decidedly loud and sludgy indie rock, like what would happen if you combined Shellac with Slint.

The trio, which features Josh Staples (known for his work as bassist and vocalist for another Sonoma County-based band, The Velvet Teen), has just released what they think is their “finest material” on an album called Keep Dreaming produced by the legendary Steve Albini (who seems to really like Bay Area music).

You can feel a little bit of the love New Trust-style with the video for “Refined (Part 1),” the first song on Keep Dreaming:

The video is for “Part 1” because the whole song is almost seven minutes long—but you should certainly check out “Refined” in all its glory.