CCR Headcleaner

It’s not an unpredictable occurrence that somewhere along the line of garage rock revival, the fuzz genre would mate with psychedelia. From there the diehards and grunge heads would search for a more cacophonous marriage of the two, and CCR Headcleaner would eventually emerge with their debut LP Lace the Earth With Arms Wide Open via Pizza Burglar Records.

Of course, CCR Headcleaner is no new comer to the San Francisco rock scene – they’ve been tearing up stages around the city with their shamelessly loud sets for three years, meanwhile periodically releasing tracks on Gnar Tapes. The sheer volume of CCR Headcleaner’s live shows is probably enough to figure out whether you’re interested or not. But beneath the face-melting wall of sound there is an eclectic stew of influence – not just grungy garage rock, but experimental psychedelic with psilocybin-addled punk rock residue. A real product of sweat, grime, and noise.

That’s not to say that there’s no hooks or harmonies embedded within all that sludge. The album’s first single, “Steal The Light”, is just as catchy as any FIDLAR song – just with more complex arrangements and lyrical composition. Oh yeah, and loads upon loads of noisy feedback. The track contains a complete swirling of genres, from the aforementioned heavy noise to an underlying folk-psychedelic sound reminiscent of White Fence. Lace the Earth With Arms Wide Open is far from shallow, it’s the deep cuts as a part of our local music scene. Dive right into the swirling void.