San Francisco’s royal family, Thee Oh Sees, are setting out on a month long US tour with Austin psychopaths OBN III’s and Minneapolis lunatics The Blind Shake. The circus began with a sold-out, three-night takeover at The Chapel. SF should be naming a fucking street after Thee Oh Sees. Maybe we can evict some of the bullshit gentrified establishments on Valencia and rename it Oh Sees Alley? In the meantime, you can get Thee FFuzz Warr Overload pedal from Death By Audio.


Thee Oh Sees are permanently on fire. They never let you down, and the amount of sweat seems proportional to the fierce intensity of their live set. Does it get any better than Petey Dammit?

brigid o sees



Rumor from Thursday was that OBN III’s were ‘supra lame’, but when the singer spewed a mouth full of water into the front rows, I knew these misunderstood boys deserved my attention. There are three guitarists (including a flying V). The singer has Attitude, a true entertainer from the Mick Jagger/Iggy school, and the music delivers shreds of NY Dolls garage angst. Their second self-titled LP is out on Chicago’s Tic Tac Totally.

blind shake

The Blind Shake rule. With matching outfits and bald heads, they play each note with precision and overwhelming energy. Fast, brutal, beautiful music. Their latest LP, Key to a False Door just came out on Thee Oh Sees’ heroic Castle Face Records. Get it.

violent change

The evening started where all good evenings begin, The White Horse! Stranded Records hosted a very yummy early show with Violent Change and Dreamsalon. Not that anyone gives a shit, but if you wanna know what I’ve been listening to lately, check out the SoundCloud offerings from SF’s Violent Change, and may it fill the GBV void in your soul.


Thirteen Nights is the brand new LP from post punk Seattlites Dreamsalon, who would later open Thee Oh Sees’ final night at The Chapel. I would be at the Bottom of the Hill with my sweetsweet Coathangers. Their Scramble cassette has played continuously in my car for 862 days.

white ho

The White Horse is ready for Halloween, are you?????