According to the CDC, 13% of US boys and 6% of US girls have been diagnosed with ADHD (and over 80% of the world’s ADHD prescriptions are written here). As fucked as that is, it is comforting to know that 100% of The Coathangers indulge in “Adderall.” The song was just released this month as a split 7″ with Audacity. The mood is as it should be–disorganized but forcibly attentive. Initially disappointed at the lack of keyboards, the stripped-down three-piece, quickly regained my complete dedication.


Driving around with The Coathangers‘ 2009 Scramble cassette blasting, people invariably look at me like I’m insane. I like that. At first listen, it is hard to get past the high pitched screams. Yet just within and beyond the whining lies all the answers. The song titles, lyrics and guitar-pops are so simple, but so brilliant. It seems impossible that it hasn’t been done before, but it hasn’t, ever. They played “Pussywillow” but ignored requests for “Stop Stomp Stompin’.”

I finally got my hands on the band’s self-titled 2007 debut, thereby completing my collection. It contains the instant classic “Don’t Touch My Shit!” which sounded particularly inspired on Saturday night. It also features “Nestle in My Boobies,” which nearly became a reality when the littlest Coathanger (sporting a Hellshovel shirt!) jumped into the crowd belting it out. From their last full length (2011’s Larceny & Old Lace), they delivered a Category 5 version of “Hurricane”.

guitar wolf

In 1945, Nagasaki became the second and last city to experience a nuclear attack. Forty-three years later, Nagasaki birthed Guitar Wolf. Twenty-five years later, they seem like they are just getting started. They have their own clothing line and just release their umpteenth recording, Beast Vibrator. The show began with band videos projected on the ceiling. They brought up an audience member to play guitar on a song before they knocked him down and took their guitar back (and he was pretty damn good too). It was an all out scream-fest and the slam pit/stage diving crowd were very pleased. As a reward, the guitar player used his guitar as a bat to knock some balls into the audience.

guitar wolf2

The Coathangers and Guitar Wolf head south from here, hitting LA and San Diego right in the face before moving East.