San Francisco’s DonCat, the solo project of Duncan Nielsen, has taken a unique approach to fundraising that we told you about shortly after he launched it. He’s consistently released a song per month, and today we’re pleased to present the eighth single of the project, “Like a Drug”. Like all DonCat releases, Nielsen’s voice is on point, and the ’70s ballad vibe combined with a great guitar solo from Nielsen make this one of my favorites from his collection.

Nielsen tells me he’s about halfway to raising enough money to press vinyl, and he expects to reach his goal by his self-imposed November deadline. On top of that, he’s already planning his next project, which will also be crowd funded in some way. “I’m trying my best not to use kickstarter or a like company, mainly out of stubbornness, but also with the pride that I’ve done it without a ‘startup,'” says Nielsen. To celebrate the release of “Like a Drug”, DonCat will be performing at Amnesia on October 10.

Anna Ash, The Wooden Suns, Doncat
October 10, 2013
9pm, $7-10 (21+)