Coo Coo Birds

On the eve of the release of their sophomore album Psychedelic Warrior (due out on Halloween), San Francisco’s Coo Coo Birds have a new video for “Mariposa Venenosa”, a track from the band’s 2012 debut album “Don’t Bring Your Boyfriends”. The release of the video is in celebration of the Coo Coo Birds’ agreement to feature the song in an upcoming commercial for GoPro, the San Mateo-based maker of on-the-go cameras. No word yet from Johnny, Charles, and Zweng on when to expect an official single release of “Black Blue Jeans”, the Psychedelic Warrior track that features sax work from Steve Mackay, best known for his work with The Stooges back in the ’70s, and which Zweng indicated earlier this year would be the first release off the forthcoming record. In the interim, enjoy the video for “Mariposa Venenosa” below.