Scary Little Friends

San Francisco’s Scary Little Friends released their From the Beginning LP in May, which I completely missed until they sent it our way last month. After taking the time to listen to it start-to-finish (several times), I have no idea how this album has remained under the radar for so long. I guess From the Beginning could be best described as folk-rock, but it’s really just a collection of damn fine songs full of uplifting melodies, big harmonies, and the occasional freight train drums reminiscent of The Tennessee Three. Singer and primary songwriter Chris Jones crafted a polished, cohesive debut LP completely devoid of filler. The album is definitely worth your time.

Scary Little Friends have played a handful of gigs around the City and in Santa Cruz, and their next major show is a record release party at Bottom of the Hill in December. From the Beginning is below.

Blisses B, Scary Little Friends, TBA
Bottom of the Hill
December 6, 2013
9:30pm, $10