Nineteen (or 20) year old pimp-rap prodigy 100s has been on our radar for a while – after I saw his video for “1999”, I guessed he had a good chance at stardom. Sure enough, 100s is taking a more steps in that direction, as his brand new track “Life of a Mack” landed on the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. The highlight of the song is the verse where 100s reminisces about 2004, before making a reference to getting liquor despite not yet being 21. As if the GTAV sound track wasn’t enough, 100s made his way into millions of living rooms enjoying the new fall TV lineup, via an iPhone commercial of all things. I about fell out of my chair when I first saw the ad and recognized 100s (my wife was not as impressed, for some reason). Squadda B of Main Attrakionz also makes an appearance (along with Mondre Man’s dreads). Check out “Life of a Mack” and the iPhone commercial below.