dyllan hersey

Sometimes things happen in mysterious ways. We like to believe everything is cause and effect but we know that is not always the case. Maybe you are dreaming of a friend you haven’t seen in years, a friend that moved far away long ago, when suddenly there is a knock at the door…

Premonition? ESP (extra sensory perception)?? Or the so-called “acausal connecting principle”???

The concept of synchronicity was first described by Carl Jung in the 1920s. His book “Synchronicity” and his introduction to the “I Ching” will be the focus of The Octopus Literary Salon’s third pop-up this Friday night. As with all things Octopus, there will be great literature, music and refreshments. There will be a “free write” and some readings out loud. The Bay Bridged’s favorite local folk singer, Dyllan Hersey, will play around 10pm. Earlier in the evening, Kyle Craft will make his only Bay Area appearance. Kyle was the voice behind Shreveport, Louisiana’s Gashcat, but Kyle is moving on, with sights on Portland, Oregon. It just so happens that he will be passing through Oakland just in the nick of time! Coincidence? Fans of Neutral Milk Hotel take note!!

If you were lucky enough to attend the first Octopus event in July, you will certainly remember the haunting debut performance from Oakland’s Ghost Lore. Arrive by 7pm or you might just miss ’em.

For this unique salon, The Octopus welcomes Mills College’s Poetry for Scientists Club. Mills piano virtuoso Julie Moon will also make a special appearance.

It all goes down at Octopus Headquarters, 817 East 24th Street, Oakland. $5 cover includes an ice-cold Tecate. Delicious food will be available. Not to be missed. RSVP on Facebook.

If you missed the July event, do check out the videos below of John Brother’s Piano Company, Yea-Ming Chen and Will Sprott!