Azar Swan

This Monday, Hether Fortune (the fearless leader of Wax Idols) will present a fresh and unique breed of gothic dance party vibes to The Knockout with live performances from Azar Swan, Delphic Oracle, REDREDRED, and Opulence. Sir Hether Fortune promises an especially gorgeous and theatrical aspect to the evening’s entertainment, and it would be wise not to dismiss her claim.

Azar Swan is New York City’s Zohra Atash and Joshua Strawn, formerly of the band Religious to Damn. Atash draws inspiration from her Afghani heritage, incorporating her culture into a musical style that some have referred to as “ghetto goth.” Her live singing voice is supposedly out of this world. Watch the video for “AMRIKA” below.

Delphic Oracle is the new project of Christiana Key, also heavily involved in the darkwave/goth scene of NYC. Key has been known to collaborate with Azar Swan, and will perform with the duo during its set after warming up with her own material.

REDREDRED is the analog synthesizer/industrial project of San Francisco’s Michael Wood, who has performed with the likes of Some Ember in the past. Opulence is a danceable darkwave drag diva trio from Oakland featuring drag DJ Najee Rene, who is co-hosting a new drag night with Hether Fortune called Faux Real at Oakland’s The Night Light on September 27.

Sir Hether Fortune will host the event and DJ between sets along with Keven Tecon (Wax Idols, The Soft Moon). It’s not like you have anything better to do on a Monday night, so come get weird. You’ll want to be there “When It Happens.”

Azar Swan, Delphic Oracle, REDREDRED, Opulence
The Knockout
September 23, 2013
9pm, $6