The Beat Broker

Download: Mixtape: Diving into San Francisco Bay Area Electronic Music (Podcast #315)

As we’ve documented before on the podcast, the Bay Area has, for years, hosted a vibrant scene of electronic music producers. But while we’ve primarily focused our coverage on electronic music’s pop side, SF is also home to a variety of innovative, compelling house and techno producers.

In addition to the large crop of talented artists, there are significant event producers like Push the Feeling, the influential monthly that has hosted (and, indeed, drawn our attention to) many of the artists in this mix, as well as the longstanding Icee Hot and newer arrivals like Haçeteria. And if we’re talking about the ecosystem supporting local electronic artists, special mention must be made of XLR8R, which displays a continued commitment to supporting local talent while documenting the best of cutting-edge electronica worldwide.

This mixtape showcases eleven local electronic artists, with a special emphasis on music-makers serving up house-influenced sounds. Listening to the mix, it’s difficult to avoid the feeling that we’re in an exciting time for dance music in the Bay Area.

Enjoy the mix!

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Track Listing:

Plaza – “Fish Water” (start time: 0:03)
Natural Curves – “Can’t Stand It” (4:14)
Matrixxman – “A Witness” (7:59)
Glenn Jackson – “Save (Coyote Clean Up Remix)” (12:17)
The Beat Broker – “Beat to the Street” (19:57)
REDREDRED – “Lucid Moving Circles” (25:46)
Vin Sol – “Atlantic Ave.” (31:18)
Pale Blue Dot – “Voyage” (37:17)
Devonwho – “pretendingtowalkslow (ft. Zeroh)” (41:54)
Roche – “A Night At The Hac” (44:30)
Chautauqua – “Tsu Tse” (51:40)