ProFans 011

Emily Reo and Cuddle Formation (Noah Klein) are winding down their TOUR64 road trip with Peace Arrow. The three artists will perform at Professional Fans Showcase 011 with Berkeley’s Yalls on Thursday, September 19 at the DNA Lounge Loft.

Dan Casey has been busy balancing his new acoustic side project with his well-established art-pop persona Yalls, and will hopefully be reprising some the new material he debuted at Push The Feeling earlier this month (whilst donning a spiffy tank top).

Emily Reo and Cuddle Formation are both heavily involved in the FMLY collective, and are currently relocating from Boston to Los Angeles. I had the distinct pleasure of watching both of the innovative dream-pop artists perform at FMLY FEST LA this past New Year’s weekend, which involved colorful shakers being passed out to the audience members who were keen on participating.

Emily Reo has just released her exceptional vinyl debut (and sophomore album) Olive Juice on Elestial Sound. The album features studio-polished versions of five previously released singles from the Orlando-born singer/synth player, plus three brand new songs. It is available for streaming below, via Bandcamp.

Cuddle Formation has just released a split cassette with The Spookfish called Earthbound, now available from Patient Sounds. Gainesville’s Peach Arrow is the solo project of Mitch Myers from Hear Hums. His album ???? is available for digital download on Bandcamp. Stream all three new releases below, and stay tuned for news about a possible Mario Kart 64 tournament accompanying this killer show.

Yalls, Emily Reo, Cuddle Formation, Peace Arrow
DNA Lounge Loft
September 19, 2013
8pm, $10