The Parmesans

The Parmesans just released a video for the track “JuJaJe”, off their Wolf Eggs LP, and in typical Parmesans fashion, it’s a good time. Mandolin player Brendan Welch told me they were going for an “old school PBS vibe” for the track, which shooting in 4:3 in a bare studio helped them to achieve. When asked what “JuJaJe” meant, Welch joked, “It’s made up nonsense but seems like it could be French.” I suggest you embrace the nonsense and goofiness and lose yourself in the sing-along harmonies that this band does so well. This weekend, you can see The Parmesans at a pair of free outdoor street festivals: Saturday on 4th Street in Berkeley and Sunday in the City at Octavia and Hayes.

The Parmesans
4th Street Sidewalk Sale
September 14, 2013
11am-2pm, FREE

The Parmesans
Urban Air Market
September 15, 2013
2-5pm, FREE