Modern Man

Allow us to play musical matchmaker: This is Modern Man. They’ve just moved to town and are looking to meet new people. Won’t you help them out, Bay Bridged readers?

It sort of seems like destiny that Modern Man ended up in the Bay Area. They sound like they’re already from the Bay Area. Recent transplants from Greenville, South Carolina, they already fit quite neatly into the local psych scene (see: Ty Segall, Oh Sees). What do they think of us so far? We asked them a couple questions about their big move.

TBB: When did you guys make the move/why did you guys make the move out here?

MM: We’ve been out here a little more than two weeks now. We had been planning to move out of South Carolina when we first moved from the band’s hometown of Greenville, South Carolina to Charleston. We were mostly leaning toward Austin, TX, but Allen (vocals / guitar) and Nikki (drums) came out to visit the Bay back in January and felt like it was a better fit.

TBB: Why Oakland?

MM: Honestly, we were open to live in any part of the Bay. We looked at places in Daly City and Berkeley and the place that suited us most was Oakland.

TBB: What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed so far (and any similarities as well) between the South Carolina music scene and the Bay Area scene?

MM: There’s really just so much more culture and variety here. We love SC, but it’s a small place that’s definitely lacking some creative stimulation. Similarities….they’re both near the beach?

TBB: Where do you most want to play in the Bay Area that you haven’t yet?

MM: Right now we’re looking at The Chapel, Hemlock Tavern and Bottom of the Hill.

TBB: Name the best burrito you’ve had since moving here.

MM: The taco trucks down the block are pretty good.

Check out their most recent single, “She Wears Pants”, below.