Wooden Shjips

Today Wooden Shjips announced that Back to Land will be the follow-up LP from their last fantastic effort, 2011’s West. Their sixth album will be released on Thrill Jockey November 12.

About the album, via Thrill Jockey:

The natural, scenic landscapes of Portland, OR, where the album was conceived and recorded, were part of the inspiration for the more grounded approach to the album, as was revisiting some of the psychedelic staples like the Grateful Dead and Crazy Horse. Back To Land is the most melodically direct Wooden Shjips album yet, and their new defining statement.

This comedic album trailer styled like a cheesy television commercial gives a glimpse of what’s to come with Back to Land:

The band has a midwest and European tour on the calendar for November, and West Coast dates are to be announced.

Wooden Shjips - Back to Land