kelley stoltz - photo by Rich Hirneisen

Download: Live This Month: September 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #314)

In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This month’s episode is stacked with album release shows for Bay Area bands, with Bay Bridged favorites like Terry Malts and Kelley Stoltz introducing new albums we’re really excited about. We’re also proud to be presenting a series of September concerts celebrating the release of These Strange Days, a brand new compilation of local bands curated by 20 Sided Records. Two more local releases mentioned in this episode are also worth noting: a new LP from The Wrong Words, who are embarking on a US tour in September, and Borderlines, the debut full length from Evil Eyes.

Looking at who’s coming into town this month, the always reliable Burger Records is bringing the Burgerama tour to SF, with together PANGEA joined by the equally rad Cosmonauts and Gap Dream. If you’re looking for something gloomier, though, consider the gothic sounds of Zola Jesus, whose amazing voice feels even more powerful live, or True Widow‘s weighty doom-rock.

Enjoy the podcast and then go see some concerts!

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About the bands:

Terry Malts – “I Was Not There”
Headlining a record release show on September 5 with Synthetic ID and Pinhead at Thee Parkside

The Wrong Words – “And It’s Not So Pretty”
Kicking off a US tour at The Knockout on September 7, then returning to SF to play at the Hemlock Tavern on September 28

together PANGEA – “Snakedog”
The Burgerama Tour — which also includes Cosmonauts and Gap Dream — comes to Bottom of the Hill on September 16

Hot Lunch – “Killer Smile”
Supporting The Shrine at The Chapel on September 6; Carlton Melton also performs

Evil Eyes – “Shake The Dust”
Performing at Thee Parkside with Cocktails and The Electric Magpie on September 12

Rose Windows – “Native Dreams”
Appearing at the Brick and Mortar Music Hall on September 19

The Love Language – “Calm Down”
The band’s tour with Bleeding Rainbow arrives at the Rickshaw Stop on September 10; Permanent Collection supports

Kelley Stoltz – “Kim Chee Taco Man”
Coming to The Chapel on September 28 with The Mantles and Sopwith Camel

Li Xi – “Solstice”
Headlining a 20 Sided Records compilation release party on September 5 at Bottom of the Hill

Porcelain Raft – “Think Of The Ocean”
Playing at Bottom of the Hill on September 23; The Tambo Rays and Teenage Sweater also performing

Zola Jesus – “Avalanche (Slow)”
Appearing with J.G. Thirlwell on September 26 at the Palace of Fine Arts

SISU – “Harpoons”
Dirty Beaches and Chasms join SISU on September 22 at Bottom of the Hill

True Widow – “Four Teeth”
Supporting Chelsea Wolfe on September 30 at the Great American Music Hall