Destruction Unit

Enjoy this Spotify mix featuring local and touring bands performing in SF during the rest of this week. After the jump, find out more about when they’re all playing! For a full list of upcoming concerts in the SF Bay Area, check our Local Concert Calendar.

Monday, August 19th
Surf Club, Hibou, Craft Spells (DJ set) at Hemlock Tavern

Tuesday, August 20th
Jel, Doseone, Main Attrakionz, Odd Nosdam at The New Parish
Glitter Wizard, Strangers Family Band, Once and Future Band at The Chapel
The She’s, The Yes Go’s, False Priest at Bottom Of The Hill
Bored Spies, Grand Hallway, Goh Nakamura, Scrabbel at Cafe Du Nord

Wednesday, August 21st
Wax Idols, Lie, Cold Beat, Screature at The New Parish
Jonathan Richman at Cafe Stritch
Origami Ghosts, Windham Flat, Modern Kicks at Hemlock Tavern
The Silent Comedy, Leopold And His Fiction, The Tropics at Cafe Du Nord

Thursday, August 22nd
Roky Erickson, Cellar Doors at Great American Music Hall
Habibi, Dancer, Glitz at The Knockout
The Melvins, Honky at Slim’s
Two Sheds, Will Sprott, Ela J, MakeMake at Make-Out Room
Lemme Adams, Cool Ghouls, Black Cobra Vipers at Bottom Of The Hill

Friday, August 23rd
My Bloody Valentine, Beachwood Sparks, Lumerians at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
Cyclops, Youthbitch, Elvis Christ, Primitive Hearts, Pookie and the Poodles, Dancer at The Knockout
Tony Molina, Fossor House, Face The Rail, PROVOS at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Makeunder, Yassou Benedict, Tidelands at Awaken Cafe
Main Attrakionz, Friendzone, Chad Salty at DNA Lounge
The Parmesans, Before The Brave, Garden Party, Greg Downing at Thee Parkside
Sunrunners, Curious Quail, Father President at Bottom Of The Hill
Pinback, Octa#grape at The Fillmore
The Record Winter, Cartoon Bar Fight, Foxtail Brigade, Bonnie and The Bang Bang at Cafe Stritch

Saturday, August 24th
First City Festival
The 20th Street Block Party
Twin Steps, Wide Streets, Michael Vidal, The Tambo Rays at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records
Majical Cloudz, Moon King, Some Ember at Rickshaw Stop
Along Came Jones, Tin Cup Serenade, Mornin’ Old Sport at Awaken Cafe
The Spyrals, Super 78! at Hemlock Tavern
Slow Motion Cowboys, Secret Town, The Silver Threads, Hang Jones at Cafe Du Nord
Manatee, Nacho Business, #1 Smash Hits at The Knockout

Sunday, August 25th
First City Festival
Indie Mart at Thee Parkside
Destruction Unit, Wax Idols at Hemlock Tavern
Escort, Magic Touch, Derek Opperman at Mezzanine
Little Comets, Oceanography, Sea Knight at Cafe Du Nord
Black Hole Oscillators, Jeffertiti’s Nile, Down Dirty Shake, DJ Neil Martinson at Brick & Mortar Music Hall