20 Sided Records, 'These Strange Days'

San Francisco’s 20 Sided Records will release its fourth compilation on September 3, and the label is celebrating the new album with four – yes, FOUR – release parties in early September, all proudly presented by The Bay Bridged. The compilation – entitled These Strange Days – will features 21 tracks from bands on 20 Sided’s roster, with an eclectic arrangement of artists from both the Bay Area and around the Western U.S. Included are Ash Reiter, The Blank Tapes, Cannons and Clouds, Li Xi, and Couches (a newcomer trio led by the man behind 20 Sided, David Mitchell).

Following the release of These Strange Days, Mitchell and company are joining forces with The Bay Bridged to present four consecutive nights of music from 20 Sided bands at four separate venues around the city. On Wednesday, September 4, we invade The Knockout with One Hundred Percent, Breathing Patterns, and Buzzmutt. The following night, the takeover moves to Bottom of the Hill, with Li Xi, Wild Pack of Canaries, Cannons and Clouds, and Mosshead in tow. The weekend kicks off with Frozen Folk, Chung Antique, Couches, and Quiet Americans at Submission Lounge, and on Saturday, the party concludes at Amnesia with a night featuring Ash Reiter, Thralls, and Upstairs Downstairs. The best part about the four shows? No, not the music (although that’s pretty sick) – it’s the fact that these events will be benefits for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, with raffles held each night and all proceeds benefiting this spectacular non-profit that grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

In anticipation of the compilation and the release parties, we have three exclusive tracks from the record, streaming exclusively here on The Bay Bridged: Mosshead’s “Real Blood”, Chung Antique’s “Baking Brad”, and Li Xi’s “Solstice”. Listen to all three below, along with a full tracklisting for the comp and details on four September shows presented by The Bay Bridged. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks about this great compilation and series of gigs.

Mosshead, “Real Blood”

20 Sided Records’ Compilation IV: These Strange Days Tracklisting
1. Mosshead, “Real Blood”
2. Couches, “California”
3. Chung Antique, “Baking Brad”
4. Ugly Winner, “Pelican”
5. One Hundred Percent, “Shake The Trees”
6. Quiet Americans, “Can’t Stand”
7. Pagiins, “No Change”
8. The Hoot Hoots, “Jackson”
9. Frozen Folk, “Sacrilegious Wind”
10. Treemotel, “Babe, Are You Sure”
11. Ash Reiter, “Little Sister (Live)”
12. Talkative, “Time Shifter”
13. Thralls, “Crocodile Smiles”
14. Breathing Patterns, “Sick Of Shit”
15. Pony Village, “Only Everything”
16. The Blank Tapes, “Gone For Good”
17. Sugar Candy Mountain, “Soak Up The City”
18. Li Xi, “Solstice”
19. Wild Pack of Canaries, “Jailbird/Rain Brain Reprise”
20. Cannons and Clouds, “Pigeons And Patrons”
21. Rubedo, “On Flying Saucers”

20 Sided / TBB - Night 1 (Revised)

20 Sided / TBB - Night 2

20 Sided / TBB - Night 3

20 Sided / TBB - Night 4

One Hundred Percent, Breathing Patterns, Buzzmutt
The Knockout
September 4, 2013
9pm, $7–10

Li Xi, Wild Pack of Canaries, Cannons and Clouds, Mosshead
Bottom of the Hill
September 5, 2013
9pm, $10

Frozen Folk, Chung Antique, Couches, Quiet Americans
Submission Lounge
September 6, 2013
9pm, $7–10

Ash Reiter, Thralls, Upstairs Downstairs
September 7, 2013
9pm, $7–10