Anna Ash

It’s always unfortunate when an artist we love leaves the Bay Area, but it’s always nice if they just head down the coast for a little more sun so they can come back and see us every once in awhile. Such is the case with Anna Ash, who left Oakland for Los Angeles late last year. She just released a video for the track “Haunt” and will be returning for an evening at that secret venue in the Mission you probably all know about. “Haunt”, which is from Anna’s semi-released collection of demos, showcases her strong, lovely voice, while the visuals from another former Bay Area resident Christina Hucal are as stellar as you would expect. Ash tells me she is currently recording her second album, but she has been releasing a steady stream of covers on her Bandcamp page for several months. The video for “Haunt” is below.

Anna Ash, Joey Dosik, Doncat
Secret Mission Venue (check the artists’ websites for info)
August 4, 2013