Casey Chisholm

Oakland’s Casey Chisholm describes himself as a “one man wolfpack,” but recently teamed up with fellow Oaklander Nicole Kidman for the one-off single “So Much to Lose”. The track is kicked off by an organ-esque synth riff and Kidman’s solo first verse before Chisholm and guest vocalist Shannon Young form a choir on the lengthy outro, giving the track the feel of an electro funeral in an empty church.

Chisholm, who also runs Ascension Recordings, tells me he is most proud of his 2012 album Born to Lose. The title track is an epic bummer of a song, but somehow leaves you a little uplifted before it ends. Listen to it below, along with an example of Chisholm’s live show. Chisholm plays the Actual Cafe in Oakland Saturday night with Minor Birds and Forest Floor.

Minor Birds, Casey Chisholm, Forest Floor
Actual Cafe
July 27, 2013
7pm, Free